1. Installation

After purchasing the plugin go to downloads page and download the plugin. After downloading, extract it. The folder structure and details about each file is explained below.

1.1 Folder Structure
File or Folder Name Description
Demo/ Contains demo version with HTML form, javascript and php backend scripts.
Documentation/ Contains the documentation link
iCaptcha/ Contains the main source code
config.php Contains your site secret keys which can be generated from here
index.php Contains the HTML code of reCaptcha
icaptcha.script.js Contains the code which makes an AJAX "POST" request call to verify.php with param as reCaptcha token.
verify.php Contains the backend php script which makes call to google api to verify the token sent by frontend
1.2 Integration

You can integrate the recaptcha code with any form or other elements for verification. Below are the steps to integrate:

Generate Site Keys:

  1. 1. Visit https://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin/create to generate site & secret keys
  2. 2. Enter label of your choice & remaining configuration as given below. You can enter the domain where you want to host. You can also add more than one domain separated by comma.
  3. 3. Click on submit to get keys. You can paste the copied keys in config.php file

Import scripts:

                <!-- Google reCaptcha v2 script  -->
                <script src="https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js" async defer></script>
                <!-- iCaptcha Script -->
                <script src="icaptcha.script.js"></script>


Add reCAPTCHA HTML code in present in index.php file in any of your form or any place of your choice. You can learn more about data tag attributes from here here.

                <div class="g-recaptcha" 
                    data-sitekey="<?php echo CAPTCHA_SITE_KEY; ?>"

2. Callbacks & Methods

recaptchaCheckedCb : This function runs when captcha is checked

recaptchaExpireCb : This function runs when checked captcha is expired

3. AJAX Post Request

Change the API end point of ajax call in icaptcha.script.js

                    type: "POST", // Type of request
                    url: "http://localhost/iCaptcha/verify.php", // API endpoint
                    data: params, // params(captcha token)

4. Backend PHP Script

The php script which verifies the token sent by front-end is present in verify.php file. The php script makes a POST request to Google captcha verification API

The variable details is given below:

POST Parameter Description
secret Required. The shared key between your site and reCAPTCHA.
response Required. The user response token provided by the reCAPTCHA client-side integration on your site.
remoteip Optional. The user's IP address.

5. Resources

Important links and other useful information which might be useful to make use of script more effectively.

  1. 1. Generate Keys
  2. 2. reCaptcha v2
  3. 3. User response verification


                   - v1.0.0
                        - Initial Release